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Volume 4, Number 3, June 2012, pages 161-166

The Correlation Between Small Dense LDL and Reactive Oxygen Metabolites in a Physical Activity Intervention in Hyperlipidemic Subjects


Table 1. Measured Variables at the Pre- and Post-Intervention Examinations of Physical Activity in Hyperlipidemic Subjects
LDL: low-density lipoprotein, HDL: high-density lipoprotein, d-ROMs: diacron reactive oxygen metabolites. The data are shown as the means ± standard deviation or medians (interquartile range). A paired t-test was used to analyse the respective markers. Significance level: * P ≤ 0.05, ** P ≤ 0.01.
Age, years64 ± 6-
Male/female, number12/18-
Body mass index, kg/m223.5 ± 3.023.1 ± 2.70.01**
Systolic blood pressure, mmHg139 ± 19138 ± 210.79
Diastolic blood pressure, mmHg77 ± 1279 ± 150.32
Fasting plasma glucose, mmol/L5.47 ± 0.825.37 ± 0.730.28
LDL-cholesterol, mmol/L3.83 ± 0.503.44 ± 0.620.01**
Triglycerides, mmol/L1.24 (0.99-1.53)1.20 (0.82-1.41)0.17
HDL-cholesterol, mmol/L1.76 ± 0.401.78 ± 0.410.74
Mean LDL particle size, nm26.9 ± 0.327.1 ± 0.40.01**
d-ROMs, U. Curr.319 ± 77290 ± 730.02**


Table 2. The Correlations of the Changes in the D-ROMs With Other Atherosclerotic Risk Variables, Including the Mean LDL Particle Size, in Hyperlipidemic Subjects
Variablesγ (P-value)β (P-value)
d-ROMs: diacron reactive oxygen metabolites, LDL: low-density lipoprotein, HDL: high-density lipoprotein; r: simple correlation coefficient between the changes of the d-ROMs and another variable, β: stepwise multiple regression coefficient of the change of the d-ROMs with another variable after adjusting for all the listed variables. The triglycerides values were log-transformed for the analyses. Significance level: *P ≤ 0.05, **P ≤ 0.01.
Age, years-0.17 (0.38)-0.34 (0.05)*
Gender, male0.05 (0.81)Not extracted
Δ Body mass index, kg/m20.40 (0.03)*Not extracted
Δ Systolic blood pressure, mmHg-0.34 (0.07)Not extracted
Δ Diastolic blood pressure, mmHg-0.17 (0.37)Not extracted
Δ Fasting plasma glucose, mmol/L0.13 (0.50)Not extracted
Δ LDL-cholesterol, mmol/L0.24 (0.21)Not extracted
Δ Tyiglecerides, mmol/L0.38 (0.04)*Not extracted
Δ HDL-cholesterol, mmol/L-0.25 (0.19)Not extracted
Δ mean LDL particle size, nm-0.44 (0.02)*-0.55(0.01)**