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Volume 4, Number 1, February 2012, pages 1-6

Effects of Antibiotics on Dental Implants: A Review


Table 1. Patients Data from Liturature
Primary author# of patients# of implantsInterventionOther allowed interventionsImplant survival (following 3 months)
Binahmed191254451 hour post-op: 1,000,000 units penicillin0.12% chlorhexidine pre-445/445
intravenous or equivalent oral doses ofand postoperative mouth rinses
penicillin V or 600 mg clindamycin orally
Binahmed1990302Post-op: 300 mg penicillin V orally 4 times a day,0.12% chlorhexidine pre- and postoperative mouth rinses301/302
or in the case of penicillin allergy, 150 mg clindamycin
orally 3 times a day for 7 days
Gynther20147790Pre-op + post-op: 1g oral5 mL mouth rinse of povidone-iodine solution (73 mg/mL) was given immediately preoperatively741/790
phenoymethyl, 1hr pre-op, and every 8 hrs post-op
Gynther20132664No antibiotics5 mL rinse of povidone-iodine630/664
solution immediately preoperatively
Laskin123871743Pre-op:Cephalosporin (13% of implants)0.12% chlorhexidine1662/1743
Erythromycin (7% of implants) Penicillin (69% of implants)
Other (10% of implants)
Laskin123151287No antibiotics0.12% chlorhexidine1158/1287
Morris21Not stated1175Pre-op: Peterson1, AHA (1990)22, AHA (1997)25Not stated1131/1175
Morris21Not stated354No antibioticsNot stated337/354
Kashani228682236Post-op: 2 g phenoxymethylNot stated2177/2236
penicillin twice daily for 1 week
Kashan22868785Pre-op + Post-op: 2g phenoxymethyl penicillinNot stated777/785
1 hour pre-op and one dose post-op the same day
Wagenberg238911561Pre-op + Post-op: Amoxicillin (500 mg 4 times daily)0.12% cholorhexidine1515/1561
2 days pre-op 10 days post-op3 times daily post-op
Wagenberg23891364Pre-op + Post-op: Clindamycin0.12% cholorhexidine 3 times daily post-op333/364
(300 mg 4 times daily) 2 pre-op, 10 days post-op


Table 2. Post-op Success Rates
Prophylactic regimenNumber of implantsSuccess rate
No antibiotic23052125/2305 = 92 %
Pre-op antibiotic33633238/3363 = 96%
Post-op antibiotic22362177/2236 = 97%
Both pre and post-op antibiotic35003366/3500 = 96%


Table 3. The Overall Success Rate of Implants
Total case success with antibiotics usedTotal case success with no antibiotics usedAverage comparison between success rates
Success rate of antibiotic use vs no use8783/91012125/2305Antibiotics: 96.5%
No Antibiotics: 92%