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Volume 10, Number 3, March 2018, pages 210-216

Seroepidemiology of Toxoplasma gondii Infection in Women of Reproductive Age: A Cross-Sectional Study in a Northwestern Mexican City


Table 1. Socio-Demographic Characteristics of Women and Prevalence of T. gondii Infection
CharacteristicsNo.Prevalence of T. gondii infectionP value
aLaborer: business, employee, professional, or agriculture. bNon-laborer: housewife, student, or none.
Age group (years)
  13 - 30399102.50.003
  31 - 4646613.0
Birth place
  Sonora State440163.60.91
  Other Mexican State400.0
Residence place
  Sonora State441163.61.00
  Other Mexican State400.0
Residence area
Educational level
  No education1700.00.74
  1 - 6 years10654.7
  7 - 12 years317113.5
  > 12 years500.0
Socio-economic level


Table 2. Bivariate Analysis of Selected Putative Risk Factors for Infection With T. gondii in Women
CharacteristicsNo. of women testedPrevalence of T. gondii infectionP value
Cats at home
Cleaning cat excrement
Traveled abroad
National trips
Pork meat consumption
Beef consumption
Goat meat consumption
Sheep meat consumption
Boar meat consumption
Venison consumption
Horse meat consumption
Raw meat consumption
Cow raw milk consumption
Goat raw milk consumption
Unwashed raw vegetables consumption
Untreated water consumption
Soil contact


Table 3. Multivariate Analysis of Selected Characteristics of Women and Their Association With T. gondii Infection
CharacteristicsOdds ratio95% confidence intervalP value
Older age (31 - 46 years old)5.301.37 - 20.500.01
Occupation (laborer)1.850.40 - 8.520.42
Socio-economic level (low)1.450.46 - 4.480.51
Sheep meat consumption (yes)2.350.74 - 7.420.14
Boar meat consumption (yes)6.861.27 - 37.070.02


Table 4. Bivariate Analysis of Clinical Data of Women and Seroprevalence of Infection With T. gondii
CharacteristicsNo. of women testedPrevalence of T. gondii infectionP value
Cesarean sections
Blood transfusion