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Volume 9, Number 12, December 2017, pages 981-986

Association Between Dental Caries and Body Mass Index in Schoolchildren Aged Between 14 and 16 Years in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Figure 1.
Figure 1. (a) Consumption of sugar-containing food percentages for all schoolchildren. (b) DMFT scores. (c) BMI categories (n = 610).
Figure 2.
Figure 2. The percentage of having either a healthy tooth (DMFT = 0) or non-healthy tooth (DMFT > 0) for the different BMI categories (*P < 0.05).


Table 1. Results From the Questioner (n = 610)
Parental education
  Mother with higher education24.1%
  Father with higher education34.7%
Tooth brushing habit
  Several times a month23.0%
  Several times a week46.3%
Use of flouridated toothpaste
  Do not know34.7%
Physical activity
  Several times a month8.8%
  Several times a week46.7%


Table 2. Odd Ratios for Teeth Health Outcome as Measured by Healthy Teeth (1) and Non-Healthy Teeth (0) for Different Predictor
Odds ratio95% CI for ORWald, df = 1P value
Socioeconomic score1.2591.0731.4787.9440.005
Fluoridated toothpaste usage1.6271.1532.2967.6720.006
Standardized sugar consumption score0.8670.7361.0222.8940.089
The physical activity level1.4190.8592.3451.8700.171