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Volume 8, Number 3, March 2016, pages 225-230

Scintigraphic Evaluation of the Stump Region After Extremity Amputation and the Effect of Scintigraphy on Treatment


Figure 1.
Figure 1. Late (a) and early (b) phase ROI samples.
Figure 2.
Figure 2. A 71-year-old male underwent left under-knee amputation 6 months ago, referred with a draining wound for bone scintigraphy. Scintigraphy was reported as osteomyelitis: (a) perfusion images; (b) blood pool images; (c) 3 h late anterior knee static images; (d) 24 h late knee static anterior images.
Figure 3.
Figure 3. A 44-year-old female underwent second and third right toe amputation due to diabetes 1 year ago. One month after the amputation, bone scintigraphy was taken for the draining wound. After the antibiotic therapy, symptoms decreased. After recurrence of the draining wound in the stump region, bone scintigraphy was performed again. In the comparative evaluation, the images were reported as chronic osteomyelitis: (a) perfusion images; (b) blood pool images; (c) 3 h static images; (d) 3 h lateral static images.


Table 1. Demographic Characteristics of Patients
Variablesn (%)
  Male51 (75%)
  Female17 (25%)
Cause of amputation
  Trauma (accident)19 (27.9%)
  Diabetes mellitus48 (70.6%)
  Compartment syndrome1 (1.5%)
Amputation region
  Toes20 (29.4%)
  Foot3 (4.4%)
  Tibia/under knee12 (17.6%)
  Femur17 (25%)
  Upper extremity16 (23.5%)
Result of scintigraphy
  Osteomyelitis34 (50%)
  Soft-tissue infection16 (23.5%)
  Secondary to surgery8 (11.8%)
  Chronic osteomyelitis1 (1.5%)
  Normal9 (13.2%)
Treatment modality
  Antibiotics41 (60.3%)
  No treatment9 (13.2%)
  Surgery16 (23.5%)
  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy2 (3%)


Table 2. Early and Late Mean Counts in the Scintigraphic Images
DiagnosisnEarly ratioP valueLate ratioP value
Osteomyelitis342.34 ± 1.670.0253.47 ± 1.950.003
Soft tissue infection161.55 ± 0.890.122.3 ± 1.040.017
Secondary to surgery81.47 ± 0.850.192.77 ± 1.410.025
Normal91.03 ± 0.431.35 ± 0.49