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Volume 7, Number 11, November 2015, pages 857-861

The Impact of Implementation of Bundle to Reduce Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection Rates


Figure 1.
Figure 1. Annual mean CVC-BSI incidence density in the periods before and after implementation of the training program and preventive bundles.


Table 1. Percent of Compliance With CVC-BSI Preventive Bundles in the Pre- and Post-Training Periods, Based on a Check-List Employed in the ICU
MeasureBefore trainingAfter training
Personal protection equipment (PPE)
  Protection goggles37%71%
  Cap, mask, sterile gown and sterile clothes93%100%
Disinfection and antisepsis of the catheter insertion site90%100%
Catheter insertion site
  Subclavian vein33%55%
  Jugular vein42%36%
  Femoral vein25%9%
Use of sterile fields
  Large fields64%100%
  Partial coverage (insertion site)36%-
Puncture attempts
  3 or more41%27%


Table 2. Multiple Linear Regression Applied to the CVC-BSI Incidence Densities in the Periods Before and After Implementation of the Training Program and Preventive Measures
VariableCoefficientConfidence interval
Before intervention9.2269937.93 - 11.52
After intervention-4.310572-2.27-(-6.35)
Time trend0.884930.098019