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Case Report

Volume 7, Number 11, November 2015, pages 896-900

Squamous Cell Lung Cancer Associated With Systemic Sclerosis


Figure 1.
Figure 1. CT scans in a patient with systemic sclerosis. (A) Interstitial lung disease was observed in lower lobes in a 47-year-old patient. (B) Squamous cell lung cancer occurred in the area of interstitial lung disease in a 50-year-old patient.


Table 1. Clinical Characteristics of Reported Squamous Cell Lung Cancers Associated With Systemic Sclerosis
Case (Ref)AuthorYearAgeSexSmoking historyILDLocation in lung fieldOnset of SSc from the diagnosis of cancer (years)
ILD: interstitial lung disease; SSc: systemic sclerosis; ND: not described.
1 [8]Tomkin196942F0.1 pack/dayNoCentral-4
2 [9]Monti197355FNDYesPeripheral-13
3 [9]Monti197374FNDYesCentral-24
4 [10]Talbott197944MNDYesPeripheral-4
5 [11]Roumm198547MNDNDND-30
6 [11]Roumm198550FNDNDND-25
7 [11]Roumm198568MNDNDND-6
8 [12]Focan198570MNDNoND0
9 [13]M’Raihi198859FNDYesPeripheral-11
10 [14]Goodfield198857MHeavyNoPeripheral4
11 [15]Winkelmann198846MNeverNDUnclear-30
12 [16]Enzenauer198959F30 yearsYesCentral0
13 [17]Yoshida200160FNDYesPeripheral-11
14 [18]Pontifex200759M100 pack-yearYesND-1
15 [18]Pontifex200761M30 pack-yearYesND-25
16 [18]Pontifex200776F50 pack-yearNoND-29
17 [19]Kundu201255MNeverYesPeripheral-4
18 [20]Gangopadhyay201354MNDNoUnclear0
19 [2]Colaci201340MNeverNoCentral-21
20 [2]Colaci201371MYesYesPeripheral-7
21Kanaji201550F10 pack-yearYesPeripheral-14