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Case Report

Volume 7, Number 6, June 2015, pages 485-489

Iatrogenic Aortic Insufficiency Following Mitral Valve Replacement: Case Report and Review of the Literature


Figure 1.
Figure 1. Two-D parasternal long axis echocardiographic view showing the mitral valve vegetation (a) and the severe mitral regurgitation using superimposed color flow Doppler (b).
Figure 2.
Figure 2. Mid-esophageal TEE images showing a suture tethering the non-coronary cusp (a), and the resulting moderate-to-severe AI by color flow Doppler (b).
Figure 3.
Figure 3. Schematic showing the central location of the aortic valve and the vulnerability of the cusps in relation to adjacent surgery. RCC: right coronary cusp; LCC: left coronary cusp; NCC: non-coronary cusp; TV: tricuspid valve; MV: mitral valve; PV: pulmonic valve; MPA: main pulmonary artery; LA: left atrium; RA: right atrium; IAS: interatrial septum.


Table 1. Summary of Reports Demonstrating Relationship of Procedure Performed to Aortic Coronary Cusp Involved
Non-coronary cuspRight coronary cuspLeft coronary cusp
MVA: mitral valve annuloplasty ring; MVR: mitral valve replacement.
Hill et al [1]MVR (two cases)VSD repairMVR
ASD repair
VSD repair
Ducharme et al [2]MVA
Rother et al [3]MVA
Aboelnasr and Rohn [4]MVA
Mehta and Hunsaker [5]MVA
Santiago et al [6]MVRMVA
Dogan et al [7]MVR
Al Yamani et al [8]MVR
Oakley et al [9]MVR
Dreyfus et al [10]MVA
Pagel et al [11]MVA
Rey et al [12]ASD repair (nine cases)
Woo et al [13]VSD repair