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Volume 1, Number 2, June 2009, pages 90-94

The Pattern of Procalcitonin in Primary Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty and its Implication in Periprosthetic Infection


Figure 1.
Figure 1. Concentrations of PCT.


Table 1. Descriptive statistics of the average values for the parameters over the 3 post-operative days
VariableMeanSt DevMinimumQ1MedianQ3Maximum
AVE PCT0.50961.1170.
AVE CRP87.2861.02103983121292
AVE ESR51.3631.37425.54877125
AVE WCC9.6722.5794.67.759.511.118.3


Table 2. Descriptive statistics for each parameter on all days
VariableMeanSt DevMinimumQ1MedianQ3Maximum
Day 0 PCT0.37970.61190.
Day 1 PCT0.40510.34960.
Day 3 PCT0.7981.8770.
Day 5 PCT0.32540.10270.
Day 0 CRP11.789.64210101062
Day 1 CRP75.3247.2212386698189
Day 3 CRP129.0262.441091120162292
Day 5 CRP57.4948.4710204691280
Day 0 ESR20.7617.3347142677
Day 1 ESR31.4225.594132542121
Day 3 ESR62.5630.484415988125
Day 5 ESR60.128.164425282122
Day 0 WCC7.7312.3293.46.17.8917.5
Day 1 WCC10.2612.84258.31011.818.3
Day 3 WCC9.9222.2295.77.99.810.918.3
Day 5 WCC8.8342.4514.678.810.216.3